St Mary's Church




14th April 2019  Palm Sunday.
9.15am There will be the ceremonies of the palms with the Eucharist.
6.00pm Stations of the Cross.

15th and 17th April 2019.
7.00pm Eucharist with meditation

16th April 2019.
9.30am Eucharist with meditation

18th April 2019 Maundy Thursday.
7.00pm Eucharist of the Lord’s Supper followed by the watch until 10.00pm.
Concluding with Compline.

19th April 2019 Good Friday.
1.30pm The Solemn Liturgy.

20th April Holy Saturday.
7.00pm Easter eve vigil service and lighting of the Pascal candle.

21st April 2019 Easter Day.
9.15am Easter Eucharist.